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Airbrush Makeup


There is a big difference between everyday makeup and "camera" ready makeup.  Airbrush makeup is highly pigmented makeup and is extremely light which gives you a natural look with out leaving a waxy buildup.  And unlike regular makeup airbrush makeup will not settle into your pores or wrinkles.

When applying your airbrush makeup a special airbrush primer is used which helps waterproof your makeup to help you stay looking flawless even on the hottest of days.  Dark eye circles or blemishes are covered nicely without looking like you have a mountain of makeup on and my makeup artist knows how to apply to not cover up your beautiful freckles that makes you the unique individual you are.

After applying the Airbrush Makeup my makeup artist  will finish with all the rest of the bells and whistles of the professional make up world to make your eyes pop, lips look amazing, and on and on.  You are going to look absolutely stunning for your photos while still looking like you and not a made up plastic doll!

There is nothing


in the whole

wide world

as a girl in love

with every breath she takes.


Meet my Makeup Artist and Assistant Extraordinaire


Meet Felicia!

Now I am going to be a bit biased here, for those of you that don't know, Felicia is my daughter.  She currently is studying  at

UW-Platteville in pursuit of a Physical Therapy degree.  Felicia also works as a dance instructor at Gotta Dance Academy of Performing Arts and is loving every moment of this new experience mentoring young and old students alike.  Now if you were to ask these same students and parents on the dance team how valuable she is when it comes to hair and makeup on competition days, I'm very confident you would get a resounding priceless out of each and every one of them.  I know I feel that way as I am not a makeup or hair girl.  I thank every day she is there to do her younger sisters hair and makeup for me.

As far as training to do airbrush and makeup for pictures, well she got trained by the best.  Just like myself, Felicia was trained by the amazing True Moua in the area of airbrush and makeup for photography.  The goal is to have you look beautiful, without looking over done, and Felicia has been trained to do just that.  All the girls on this page have had the royal makeup treatment  by Felicia.  Just a few examples of her work.  And yes she even did her own makeup on this page.

Felicia is also half responsible for our new adventure in adding video to your sessions.  Her assistance on this project has been irreplaceable and I 'm so excited to be able to add this to our sessions.  You may also find her tagging along on sessions to assist with fixing hair, posing, or any number of things.  Love her to pieces and so glad she is my side kick in this amazing business.

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