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Meet Shelly


Hi Friends! 


     I'm Shelly, a wife, mother, volunteer, adventure seeker, and lover of the outdoors.  Photography has always been a fun hobby for me but after we suffered a total loss house fire  I knew I would need to do something more to help get us back on our feet.  Well why not do something I absolutely Love to do???   Of course in my mind I knew I needed more training if I was going to be charging people for what I loved to do and just when I thought it was a crazy idea God brought an angel into my path which pushed me to follow my dream. I was so Lucky to meet the amazing Artist and Photographer True Moua when she did my twins' Senior pictures and things just took off from there.  Being mentored by True was absolutely life changing.  So here I am forging my way into an amazing Career and Adventure being an Artist and Photographer all in one.  They always say God has you on a path you just may not see it yet.  Well I'm so grateful and blessed he is showing me the way and I can't wait to share my passion and talents with all of you.

     Just a little bit about my photography style.  I love natural light photography. I love exploring the outdoors and different surroundings to try and find things that will make your pictures unique to your sessions.  It will be a very rare occasion you will find me doing mini sessions as I truly want your experience to be as unique as possible to you or your family. You see I treat photography as an Art, it's more then just snapping a picture, it's taking time to know the surrounding I'm shooting at, it's taking the time to know who the subjects are I'm shooting, it's capturing the true inner beauty of Seniors, or the craziness of a family, or innocence of a child, just plain and simple it's finding and capturing the true story of who each and every one of my clients are.  I'm not saying I never will do mini sessions but I do not want to be a high volume photographer.  Instead I want to be able to dedicate more time to ensure each and every one of my clients is taken care of with a great amount of creative thought before their session, during their session without the fear of  "time being up,"  and in the editing after the session to ensure you get the best quality photos to last a lifetime.  Seniors check out the Senior page to see all the special things we offer with our Senior sessions and Brides & Grooms I do like to travel, so destination weddings are not out of the question!  

     I can't put into words the happiness and love I feel to be able to turn all of your once-in-a-lifetime moments into everlasting memories.  Ones you will be able to cherish for years to come.  What I can say is that I love to have fun, and yes I may be a bit silly, but if that's what it takes to make your little ones smile and let's face it sometimes the adults too, then so be it.  You can laugh at me. Something else you should know is I am a tad sentimental so it's very likely I may shed some tears of joy if I'm photographing your wedding, the birth of your precious new baby, and even Senior Pictures. No matter what special moments I am capturing for you I just consider myself lucky that I get to photograph you!

See you on the other side of the Camera!


For your Unique and Creative Photography Session Contact Me!

901 Newbury Drive

Lancaster, WI 53813

Tel: 1-608-574-0451

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